Unexpected Lessons From Selling To Capital One | Sandeep Sood

Today I have a special guest, serial entrepreneur, and CEO Sandeep Sood.  Sandeep started his career as a designer and application developer for a variety of companies, before launching his first business, Monsoon, a high-end software development agency to the Fortune 500. 

After a 13 year journey, in 2015, Sandeep sold his business to Capital One.  For the next 3 years Sandeep immersed himself into how large scale financial products were really built within large corporations, and then used that experience to create an even better software development agency to service large financial institutions, called Kunai.

Today, Sandeep talks about his multiple exits, the pros and cons of working at a large public acquirer, and how he negotiated as part of his exit the ability to build a second business in the exact same industry.  A few episode highlights:

(7:27) ... Going to work at the acquirer - Capital One

(24:51) ...  What drives Sandeepmeer to continue building his next venture, Kunai

(32:52) ... Founder "Lightning Round": Who was the first person you called?  How did you celebrate with your team?  How did you reward yourself?

(36:25) ... Final founder thoughts from Sandeep - encouragement for all types of entrepreneurs, not just those that are trying to build unicorns

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Sandeep Sood.
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