College Athlete Turned Entrepreneur - Growing & Exiting All Star Driving School | Brent Wall

On Episode 24 of the Cashing Out Podcast we have a great guest, fellow college athlete and former owner of All Star Driver Education,  Brent Wall.  In 2007, Brent bought All-Star Driver Education from his father because they had very different views on how to grow the business. And Brent was tired of working for the family business without having true ownership. Once Brent took the reins, he grew this small family business into a 13 state operation with accompanying software, a platform which he ultimately sold in 2019 to a Private Equity firm.

In our conversation, Brent shares his family dynamics that led to him buying the business. How picking the wrong potential buyer for his business set his exit process back several months. And finally, how Brent determined how much money he needed to sell his company for to comfortably enter the next phase of his entrepreneurial career as a crypto and blockchain investor.

A few episode highlights:

4:35 - Playing in the Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament against #1 seed North Carolina (think Vince Carter & Antawn Jamison)

6:14 - The complexities of growing the family business

24:52 - The peaks and valleys of the Mergers & Acquisitions process...  and having to go through the process twice!

29:35 - The value of M&A expertise in Brent's journey

39:14 - Brent's next entrepreneurial journey, creating a Crypto Hedge Fund, Silver Harbor Capital

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Brent Wall.

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